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21 + 3

To download a How-To-Play Rack Card, please click here.

21 + 3 is a regular BlackJack game in all aspects barring the fact that you, the player, have the option of making an additional bet. The three card bet must be placed at the same time you place your regular BlackJack bet. This bet wins if the first two cards you are dealt, along with the dealers 'Up Card' create a 'Three Card Poker' hand of a flush or better. When this occurs, you are paid '9 to 1' for your bet.

You can play the 21 + 3 table without making the optional bet and play a BlackJack game just as you would on any other 'Only BlackJack Game'.

This game has become very popular in the last couple of years and adds extra excitement to the most popular game in a casino.